Eye Infection – Epidemic in Camps


So here I give it a go finally eww.

Haven’t got enough time and the post is much-needed right at the moment so no hullabaloo and just to the point stuff!

After the #pkFloods in Pakistan, many diseases have reached to the epidemic level, Conjunctivitis[an eye infection] is one of them specially found in Sindh [I’m not yet informed about other provinces] where it started from flood affected camps and now common everywhere.

Symptoms of this infection are varied ranging from puss-running eyes to fever, flu, severe head-aches and nausea[in my case. Oh yes! I’m affected too :(]. I contacted with an Ophthalmologist with the help of DrAwab,a dentist friend on twitter[twitter is such a blessing :D] and he gave me few suggestions which I really felt like to share with all those who are working in the camps and then their family members as well! I’m just copying my post from my twitlonger account!

ohKay g! Here is the ophthalmologist’s suggestion for everyone who is suffering from this epidemic eye infection[conjunctivitis] and specially for those who are working in the camps where this infection is very common:

1)Use separate towels/pillows.
2)Antibiotics drops such as Megamox, to be used 3times/day in each eye for a week.
3)Low strength steroids, such as FML or Efemoline eye drops 4 times a day for comfort – [I skipped this as steroids can sometimes cause irritation, I heard]
4)Cleaning/washing your eyes and hands frequently will aid rapid recovery and limit any spread.
5)However, if symptoms do not resolve in 1 week or if the vision becomes worse after commencing treatment then the patient should have his/her eyes checked on a slit-lamp by an ophthalmologist!

*This public service message was brought to you by Shaikh Rafia after consulting with a Karachi-Based ophthalmologist Dr Rehman Siddiqui :))
eww I sound too professional 😛

To be serious its such an itchy infection and you MUST wash your hands frequently to avoid further spread!

Have a clear and painless vision 🙂


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      • Rafia you deserve… and you know the same virus affected me too when i was in Hyderabad but that time didn’t know the safety measures so was only taking Antibiotics drops (DEXOFLOX). but it took 3-4 daz to be recovered lol..

      • ahan see the ‘washing your hands’ strategy is really imp..
        try to spread the message and thru SMS as well to the friends who are living in areas near the camps..Would be helpful!

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