I’m an American – I’m a Muslim!


Hey hey wait! I’m not an American then why am I writing this all ?? Because I’m a Muslim having so many American-Muslim friends who are always whining about one or the other dilemma in the most secular, FREE part of the Mother Earth.

In the video above Muslims from varied ethnic backgrounds are trying to clear their stance with statements like “I don’t wanna take over this country”, “I don’t wanna impose my faith on you”, “I don’t support terrorism’, and the likes. Great! They should speak up for themselves but dear native Americans you should also try to understand. USA is for the World as Karachi for Pakistan -having so much variety- but then people living there while claiming to be the most liberals are also needed to consider the fact that not all five fingers are equal and try to understand why all those tragedies happen. Is USA not to be blamed ??

I know you feel like being betrayed after that Twin Tower incident but get a life y’ll, it’s been ages now. They have been trying to clarify that it’s not some religion’s fault if the followers turn into extremist morons, it’s about following some specific mindset, not using one’s common sense, and then living in the world of Denials that cause the birth of such humans and well America has played it’s vital role in strengthening that group as well. Robert Dreyfuss writes in his book ‘Devil’s Game’ -> “The United state spent decades cultivating Islamists, manipulating and double crossing them, cynically using and misusing them as Cold War allies, only to find that it spawned a force that turned against its sponsor, and with a vengeance. Like monsters imbued with artificial life, radical imams, mullahs, and ayatollahs stalk the landscape, thundering not only against the United States but against freedom of thought, against secular science, against nationalism and the left, against women’s rights. Some are terrorists, but far more are medieval-minded religious fanatics who want to turn the calendar back to seventh century,” [excerpt taken from AA’s blog ].
So what does it prove at the end then ??

Act unbiased please and try to understand every corner of the issue before throwing yourself in the ‘radicals group’!

Thanks to NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF who writes “I apologize to Muslims for another reason. This isn’t about them, but about us. I want to defend Muslims from intolerance, but I also want to defend America against extremists engineering a spasm of religious hatred” and “Many Americans believe that Osama bin Laden is representative of Muslims, and many Afghans believe that the Rev. Terry Jones (who talked about burning Korans) is representative of Christians.”

So please think before you show hatred to some Muslim next time. After all it’s about you too 🙂



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