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Pakistan Twitter Parliament – No Updates Here Anymore


From now on No Updates about Pakistan Twitter Parliament will be posted here ..

To keep yourself updated with the results, coalition decisions, PM & LoO[Leader of Opposition], Policies of elected members and so on kindly stay tuned with official PKTP Blog.


Best Regards!

Update for All Contestants – Pakistan Twitter Parliament


To all contestants – Twitpoll application restricts more than 1000 votes #PKTP – We will be ending the voting with it

Pakistan Twitter Parliament – Voting in full Swing


Dear Twitter has gone mad and aint allowing me tweet anymore err .. The poll link is here

BonBondude & AbidBeli in tight competition!

Kindly use your right to vote for the first ever PM of #PakistanTwitterParliament and yeah pray for the betterment of my twitter situation 😦

Pakistan Twitter Parliament – Rigging|Intolerance


Speaker Sahab got confused and Poll has been suspended for few minutes’ time .. All Irritating .. And Pakistanis aint showing any tolerance ..
Dudes we are here for a change NOT the same hullabaloo please!

Final Candidates & Their Party[ideological] Names



-> BonBonDude from Pakistan Social Democrats

-> Guppu from Guppu Party

->Scorpioyas from Pakistan Revolution Party


->Omair_Khalid from Pakistan Heaving Alliance


->kashAziz from


->Rectified_Guy from


->AbidBeli from


->Kursed from


->NaeemShamim from

Pakistan Twitter Parliament – Opposition wins


Politics huh!
After so much of heated arguments this non-political PKTP is slightly changing it’s initial motto of Non-Party basis to Non-Conventional Parties.

Issue resolved but the feel of giving up is taking over me dahh 😦