Sundays are Fundays ^-^ ??


Sundays are Invigorating..

Sundays are Relaxing..

Sundays are Melodious and Cool and Warm…

Sundays are about a heavy good Naashta…

Sundays are about sleeping late and having long night chats…

Sundays are a Bliss!!!!

and this melody goes on and on and on……..

BUT for me it’s totally the opposite, I mean I just haven’t enjoyed the Sundays ever in my life. They’re way too burdening like thinking about the nightmarish Monday and then the never-ending torturous week ahead, completing all the assignments you were supposed to finish before the last weekday and then like if it’s not good enough to make your weekend saddled and soporific that the house chores are added in the to-do list too. From cleaning up your laptop, desktop and glasses[ohKay I’m untidy enough to clean them once in a week ergh] to making your bedroom looking presentable[mommy’s horror :(] and then taking those clothes out for the laundry everything is such a mess, such a burden, such a kettle of fish for me.

Ahh! Someone said I’m hating 14.28% of my life but what can I do .. I have tried and tried and tried but this day just get me on the rack eww .. Anyways Sunday is over and I should stop this tittle-tattle and go for some rack out but ahh! I’m kinda an insomniac[too many things to be considered before starting the execution plan], ermmmm so I should better leave for La Isla Bonita to shoot the breeze 😉 and you should keep on being dormant in your never-ending sleeps[envying] [(--)]ZZzzz…


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  1. Sundays are fundays, 1st one ends countdown starts for the 2nd one 🙂
    Every Sunday makes me feel that still the world is not cruel.. patience!
    (Sundays) We the bachelors wait like hell.. and enjoy the like Heaven CZ it gives me total freedom to be myself 🙂
    Even u can say A week without Sunday is definition of hell for me..
    Thank u Sunday 🙂

  2. funny!
    topic wasn’t that much creative that one needs brain storming to comment strategically..
    so definately general info should expect general comments too!

    And Mr/Miss ARZU
    are u talking abt ma comment?

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