Pakistan Twitter Parliament – BonBonDude Manifesto #PKTF (via Bonbondude’s Blog)


Twitter Pakistani Parliament has been started and taking over the pakTweeps. Polls for the PM will be started on 24th of Oct, 2010[Time will be posted soon].

Here we go with the Manifesto of our first and yet the most popular candidate @BonBonDude.

A Pakistani Twittizon tweeting for his manifesto for a better Pakistan!

For a quick read I’m writing few points from the manifesto:

” #PKTP Will Act As An Initial Forum To Launch A Better Pakistani System. We Have Pakistan, All We Need Is A System To Run It Glitch Free.

IT Industry To Get Special Leverages Like Tax-Holiday On Their Services; Better Telco Infrastructure To Be Planned For IT Industry #PKTP

Law Making For Media To Be Carried Out On Basis Of Responsible Reporting, Non-Degradation And Non-Political Affiliation #PKTP”

BUT what I personally loved was this:
Broadband DSL Connection Will Be Provided Free Of Cost To Every Citizen Of Pakistan #PKTP #Manifesto” -> MAKE IT EVO PLEASE 😛

Bonbondude 4 PM Manifesto -Pakistan Twitter Parliament #PKTF Hello My Fellow Pakistani Twittizons, Please scroll down to see my initial manifesto. I am inculcating all good advice on the top, that I am getting from PKTP observes. I believe that Pakistan Twitter Parliament [#PKTP] is a commendable initiative. As it is a a mess to find your favorite candidate’s manifesto tweets, so I will be posting all my manifesto related tweets manually on this post. If you need any thing added or you want some explanation … Read More

via Bonbondude’s Blog


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