The H²O Factor


Do you think terrorism is the biggest issue planet Earth is facing right now ?? Sorry Boss, but you think wrong! I used to be from your lot too after getting affected by all those hullabaloo a Pakistani has to go through in daily life just to keep oneself safe and survive if I say. BUT there are even bigger, more important issues to cope up with and what could be more important, more vital than     W-A-T-E-R.

At this hour when I’m writing this post, some 226 kids would be dying somewhere on this same planet not because of bombs but due to unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. We humans are just the most thirsty of all creatures for we need water not only for cleaning and drinking but for irrigation and energy too. Energy is like a monster which eats up water(err it doesn’t drink mannerly so ‘eat’ is a better term :s). Without water we would have no energy and without energy[can’t imagine an energy-less life ??], yes! No planes, no laptops, no microwaves, no cars, ohh and no iPads.

tappy water

Have you ever imagined what will happen if you get to know that there will be no water for a month, oh that’s huge make it a week. No shower[eekhhh], no coffee[I’d die :(], no brushing[unless you start cleaning with juices rather than water] and then no drinking water 😮 That’s huge, nai ? In Pakistan we’re kinda used to such times when we lather shampoo in hair and find out that shower tap has stopped showering water blessings and believe me that’s the worst situation one ever gets to face.

But then what can we being a layman, normal, average, poor public do ?? We can’t do anything right, it’s the government which is supposed to store the floods’ water in dams and make all those rivers/dams clean and fit the filter plants to send us pure, safe water to drink and to waste :S

No beloveds you’re wrong yet again! We are supposed to take some steps ourselves. As mommy told me two decades back to turn off the faucet while brushing and then you can follow my strategy like drinking less but not too less and not too more[phew], stop buying purified water bottles which are not that eco-friendly as they’re advertised [1 litre of bottled water takes 7 litres of tap water and 1 litre of crude oil to produce.], take small showers[I can’t do that], eat less meat [1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers] and go vegan [According to a 2010 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, animal agriculture accounts for over half of global freshwater consumption], stop water while washing dishes, and well for more tips check

So, see there can be many ways to save these two gases and help others getting pure water. What do you say ?? Joining me to drink from the tap and learning to kill the urge of taking long baths [ 😦 crying again] ?? I think we have got no option now dah!


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  1. 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day who don’t have access to drinking water and sustenance to survive.
    not only below average income people but every human has to confront tht harsh reality that Oceans absorb 30 million tons of Co2 and its increasing acidity. No. Of dead zones has doubled every decade.
    Human consumption is 30% larger than nature’s capacity to regenerate…
    And an other factor that contribute to mass reduction of water and eatables is Environment… Need to think for a while!

    • How much water do we waste in daily household chores – unnecessary usage should be reduced and cared of – Have to stop this blame game and start the real work –
      Time is like sand ayaz – enough of thinking – we need to ACT now!!

  2. Yes! You are right that as individual need to act but still majority isn’t aware of causes and effects.. so i said as considering holistic picture.
    1st need is to create awareness at micro level.

  3. And i don’t see such measures taken by any of institution including Governmental bodies..
    Once we had guess lecturer from German in my CSR course.. i asked even same think but he said there are only NGOs who have proper access to country side, so it should be part of their planning..
    What i perceive exactly is, Nobody plan considering need assessments. reason behind my conviction is, it requires applied research by experts but unfortunately we have been inclined towards taking corrective steps rather than detection or prevention steps. so it is conceived to be drudgery work.

    • You’re right ayaz – we don’t follow any system .. when something bad happens, we try to cure it but we never go for prevention and cause-detection phases and neither do we analyze some problem systematically-

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