Twenty Ten: End of a Decade, Start of Great Hopes! ♥


Twenty Ten: The best year of my life as yet – Decreased GPA(Yes! I lost 6 cumulative points dah :p) but hell lot of fun, experiences and new relationships –

From Meena Bazar[no match with the masti and business of that day], Uni Trip, Internship to Flood Cooperation, Medical Camp, Pizza Mania, Salad Attacks, Friend’s Wedding[ 😦 ], Highway Paratha[ 😀 ], Basketball Challenges, Ramadan Group Studies, Iftaris and all those wonderful farewells and movie scene[ 😉 ] –

BUT more than everything thanks to all those people who entered in my life in this year and made it even more wonderful :),  specially all the great twitteratis I met, got somehow attached,  and became friends – You’re MY LIFE guys 😀

Special wishes to all the FCMS 0610 pals who are just entering into a new and very important phase of their lives –

Loads of ♥ and prayers for all my loveliest[and angry :(] friends – Blessings be with you always – Hope this decade will be fantabulous for everyone :))




P.S. No sad|bad thing[regarding country and politics] allowed for the first day of a new decade – Keep your hopes high folks and I LOVE YOU PAKISTAN AND PAKISTANIS

With Love from Isolistan:

Shaikh Rafia

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