Salman Taseer – NATION’s DEATH – Hope Dies!


Yesterday was my first day at workplace after finishing my graduation last month. I was all very excited until I read the horrible tweet about gunshots on Punjab Governor Salman Taseer[details]. Shocking as expected it was a news but more than that it was the end of hope for many youngsters like myself.

During the late office hours, news started coming about the killer accepting the crime in front of media bravely claiming that Salman Taseer deserved it because he(the governor) has been talking against the well-known Blasphemy Laws. Kudos!

But the day turned out to be even more torturing when few of my so-called EDUCATED, liberal friends started praising the murderer. wOw! Here we go, we are the MUSLIMS who are supposed to be the most tolerant humans on the face of Mother Earth. We are the PAKISTANIS, whose baba-e-quom said on 11th August, 1947:

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to ANY RELIGION or caste or creed that has NOTHING to do with the business of the State.”

We the chanters of Humanity, organizers of patriotic events, WE the same YOUNGSTERS are letting it happen and leading it to even worse situation and still we blame our elders who failed the state economy and supported Zia. Are we different from Zia ? YES! We’re even more violent, more devastating and unfortunately more spirited in our own senses.

The genes have sure passed along in a more educated, patriotic, liberal ways leading to even more blasphemous nation – Lets get some time machine and persuade Dear Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah to not worry about this nation and lead his life somewhere in Leeds without getting ill because of us, THE PAKISTANIS!

For me[including all the like-minded youngsters] Salman Taseer is not only a state loss, political stab and a thumbs down from JI like parties, it’s the END OF HOPE for us, end of everything good which we had ever dreamt of for this Not-So-Pure-Green-Land.

Governor Sahab’s last tweet before his murder was

“Mera azm itna bulund hae Parae sholon se dar nahin.
Mujhe dar hae tu atish e gul se hae Ye kahin chaman ko jala na dein”
Rob Crilly writes here about the wit and wisdom of Governor Taseer in his 140 chars tweets!
Friends ask me why am I getting so overly emotional, he wasn’t my uncle or anything – Yes no blood relation, just few tweets relationship BUT is the blood really what matters ? If it is then we’d not have been seeing all the blood on Paki roads.

So what are we waiting for ? Lets run from here and malign some other country with our impure blood and flawed genes – Come on let’s have some adventure there. We’re DONE with PAKISTAN[nai ?]!

YES NOW KILL ME, my friends!

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  1. “it’s the END OF HOPE for us, end of everything good which we had ever dreamt of for this Not-So-Pure-Green-Land”

    Were you living in 1960 before ? Dear, END OF HOPE happened in 1973 when whole world were separating state and religion, but Pakistan constitution was approved and it made ISLAM as a state religion. Since the 50 BC to 1970 AD, hundreds of wars were fought between Muslims and Christians, millions of people were killed in the name of Religious wars, even Pakistan was created on the name on Islamic Culture if not Religion, and the time when most of the world realized this, and separated Religion and State, the very time Pakistan started another episode of wars by Declaring Islam as its state religion. Since then millions of Pakistani citizens have been killed by its own citizens sometimes by military, or Secret Agencies or sent to be killed in Afghanistan war against soviet or some time by government approved drones of C I A. Just separate the Religion from State, and see more than enough problems will solve within a eye blink. But still the State and Religion are not separated, all hopes are just delusion, though strong but mere delusions.

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