Awesome Teachers! We ♥ YOU! (Name & Shame via I am woman, hear me roar)


I got so crazy after reading this post that I commented there like I was writing a complete post, BLAH me!
The craze is due to the never-dying attachment with dedicated teachers. They are more strict, may feel comparatively distant with of course no typical motherly love but then they are the people who actually build up your life. They are the people who teach you the art of looking behind the veil (OMG this burqaa came up – so much of news, eh France needs these teachers, may be).

Reblogging Nabiha Meher’s post is just a way to say a loud THANKS to all the awesome teachers living on this mother Earth. Earthizens are happy and so grateful to you 🙂

And we always-remaining-students-for-you ♥ YOU and would be doing so even after you punch us hard with your rudeness that comes up at times, of course to handle the brats like me.

Love and Wishes-
Don’t give up, please!

Name & Shame There are loads of students in universities & schools across Pakistan who think it’s perfectly acceptable to email/message random teachers and ask them to do their work for them. Well, this teacher is getting sick of these people. I am not interested in interacting with people who have no concept of academic ethics. And I’m sincerely hoping that this new section of my blog will act as a serious deterrent to those who think that this kind of b … Read More

via I am woman, hear me roar

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    • I hope that really helps… There are many of us who NEED you right there – Try to leave your mark on the system, don’t give uo and and vanish down the street ending up at writing some book or whatever. Tell me how many of us exactly would get any benefit from your writings? Practical fight will matter the most and trust me you ladies can seriously fight!

      P.S. Don’t stop writing though lol

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