Best Apps of the Year 2012 – Education


List compiled for the The Alternative, India.

1. Name: Advanced English & Thesaurus – Android 2.0+

Age: High school students, teachers

Price: Free

Rated: 4.3 out of 5

A dictionary with some innovative approach: organized with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs grouped into set of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations.


2. Name: Math BingoiPad / iPhone / iOS 3.0 or later

Age: Elementary school

Price: $0.99

Rated: 4.3 out of 5

Fun way of solving elementary math problems with Bingo Bugs. Recommended to be used as a classroom supplement.


3. Name: The World by National GeographiciOS 3.2 or later

Price: $3.99

Rated: 4+

High quality maps, flags and photos of the globe. Nat Geo has pulled its traditional high-end cartography off with this app!


4. Frog Dissection iOS 3.2 or later

Age:  middle school

Price: $3.99

Rated: 4+

Go green! Choose alternatives! has been the highlight of the past year. Frog Dissection too provides another way of going green: no more bloody murdering-frogs experiments.  With 3D imaging, this app guides you through step by step voice over instructions. Accurate simulations, anatomical comparison of humans with frogs, comprehensive information of frogs’ organs, lifecycle, quizzes and more!


5.  Professor Garfield Cyber-bullyingiPad / iOS 3.2 +

Age: Elementary students

Price: Free

Rated: 4+

College kids are the biggest victims cyber-bullying and not many schools or parents are teaching their children on how to fight against this kind of bullying. This app would make this easier for you. It teaches different strategies to deal cyber bullies, entrusting adults and informs about various forms of cyber-bullying.


6. Teacher PlaniPhone, iPod touch, iPad – iOS 5.0+

User type: Teachers, trainers, tutors, workshop leaders, coaches

Price: $13.99

Rated: 4+

This app does cost you some bucks but would make your life as a teacher pretty easy and fun. Filing, organizing, lectures making, getting innovative lecture ideas, reminders and many more features! TeacherPlan also connects with iCloud and auto-archive your data and is ergonomically designed.


7. Easy Voice RecorderAndroid

Age: College, University

Price: Free – $3.72 for Pro

Rated: 4.5

One of the most troubling issues that we come across inside classrooms is of missing important notes. Whether to focus on professor and the board or make those very important notes for exam? Should we enjoy lectures more or should we focus more on writing important notes for good grades? Whatever the choices be, but getting an app like Easy Voice Recorder would make your life inside classroom much easier. Just press the button and get some high-quality voice files.


8. History of IndiaAndroid

User type: beginners

Price: Free

Rated: 4.4

From prehistoric times to 2008 History of India presents you various events by date or name. It’s not about details history though. Many of the descriptions are only 2-liners, hence not recommended for someone looking for in-depth knowledge. Good for having a glance at Indian history.


9. Indian History, Book & QuizAndroid

User type: Intermediate

Price: Free

Rated: 4.7

Whether it’s about rulers of India, Indian dynasties, freedom fighters or historical battles and man-made marvels, this app has got some real gems for you. What’s the best thing is that you can make your notes in any chapters and those notes are searchable too. Includes many design options and features and offer an interactive quiz. Very handy app for Indian history!


10. Mobile Observatory – AstronomyAndroid

Price: $4.99

Rated: 4.6

Watching skies never gets boring. It is even more mesmerizing when you get to know that star’s name you have been staring at since long or may be how it was born? Umm, interesting! This app would not only notify you for certain meeting events such as moon and Jupiter coming together, but would also get you all the necessary information to be prepared for that even. Voila! What more do you want? Just go and stare at that sky in a pure universal connection.


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