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Should I Wait for iPhone 5S? iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S


With iPhone 5S release date coming closer, the most heated question these days is “should I wait for iPhone 5S or just buy the iPhone 5”. The question got more serious in last few weeks when iPhone 4S owners started receiving the “upgrade to new iPhone 5” notifications. This early upgrade option is making people moving towards a two-year contract with iPhone 5. Before you go ahead with the upgrade or decide to switch to Android; it is a good time to start considering to wait for the iPhone 5S. Let’s see, who should wait and who should buy one of the currently available smartphones.

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Considering that Apple iPhone 5S is only about a month and half away – rumors suggest release date beingsomewhere in September – it won’t hurt you much if you decide to wait for the 5S; which you might be carrying for the next two years. Even if you have to buy iPhone 5, with the launch of newer Apple iPhone, the current smartphone will cost you much less as compared to the prices now. Read the rest of this entry