Have 2 free minutes? Become a Forest Hero


35% of tigers left in the wild are at stake in Central India if the government doesn’t stop cutting forests down to get the coal that lies beneath.

It is time we thought more about alternative energy resources to save the rich forests of Central India. And what better way than through a cool Facebook app? Give it 2 minutes, and it gives you some pause for thought, besides some cool messages.

Greenpeace’s new Facebook app named Forest Hero is a personalized video engaging with user giving them a feel of protecting trees and forests.

One can’t help but feeling a bit young when visiting this app –  it brings back memories from a few years back when we all used to try those WANTED! photo editors to see ourselves in magazines and news. Here it comes back for a good cause.

The Forest Hero Facebook app asks you to click to become a hero, no super powers needed.

While the Junglistan Forest Hero app starts loading, you see some cool and informative messages:

Medicinal much?

Poetic touch:

Some religious pushing too:

And a message from a philanthropist:

Once the video is loaded, whoa! YOU ARE IN THE NEWS, ON THE MAGAZINES, ON THE POSTERS, ON THE TV, simply everywhere!

What more? You are famous and a super duper hero! Not just a hero but a green, renewable, forest hero! Go, share the story with all your Facebook friends and give them a chance to become a hero too. And please don’t copy my trick of picking up a picture of two. *winks*

For more details please and impact of this campaign, visit Greenpeace India and Junglistan.

Written for The Alternative.

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