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The festivity and brutality of Bakra Eid in Pakistan


Published on The Alternative.

The only time, in Pakistan, we talk exclusively about animals and pretend to care about them (by ultimately killing and eating them) is Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-Adha (locally called Bakraa Eid) and also known as the Feast of Sacrifice, is a Muslim festival that marks the end of pilgrimage to Makkah, KSA, and commemorates Abraham’s faith by showing his willingness to sacrifice his own son Ishmael on the orders of God.

It is a three day long festival which starts with a morning sermon and prayers in the mosque, followed by sacrificing an animal, distributing its meat and then having a feast with family and friends. The meat of the animal is divided into three equal parts: the self, for relatives, neighbours and the poor. Sweet vermicelli, dates, rice desserts and other traditional sweet dishes are prepared as well.

The best part of Bakraa Eid that I used to like when I was a child, and I still see little children enjoying now, is getting new pets, feeding them and having fun with them till the day of Eid when eventually little hearts get broken by their murder. Read the rest of this entry

Have 2 free minutes? Become a Forest Hero


35% of tigers left in the wild are at stake in Central India if the government doesn’t stop cutting forests down to get the coal that lies beneath.

It is time we thought more about alternative energy resources to save the rich forests of Central India. And what better way than through a cool Facebook app? Give it 2 minutes, and it gives you some pause for thought, besides some cool messages.

Greenpeace’s new Facebook app named Forest Hero is a personalized video engaging with user giving them a feel of protecting trees and forests.

One can’t help but feeling a bit young when visiting this app –  it brings back memories from a few years back when we all used to try those WANTED! photo editors to see ourselves in magazines and news. Here it comes back for a good cause.

The Forest Hero Facebook app asks you to click to become a hero, no super powers needed.

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The H²O Factor


Do you think terrorism is the biggest issue planet Earth is facing right now ?? Sorry Boss, but you think wrong! I used to be from your lot too after getting affected by all those hullabaloo a Pakistani has to go through in daily life just to keep oneself safe and survive if I say. BUT there are even bigger, more important issues to cope up with and what could be more important, more vital than     W-A-T-E-R.

At this hour when I’m writing this post, some 226 kids would be dying somewhere on this same planet not because of bombs but due to unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. We humans are just the most thirsty of all creatures for we need water not only for cleaning and drinking but for irrigation and energy too. Energy is like a monster which eats up water(err it doesn’t drink mannerly so ‘eat’ is a better term :s). Without water we would have no energy and without energy[can’t imagine an energy-less life ??], yes! No planes, no laptops, no microwaves, no cars, ohh and no iPads.

tappy water

Have you ever imagined what will happen if you get to know that there will be no water for a month, oh that’s huge make it a week. No shower[eekh Read the rest of this entry