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Dear FACEBOOK please let us be real humans!


Right now at 00:35PST, 24th September Twenty Ten I’m writing this blog to channel my frustrations. Frustrations mainly caused by my dear Facebook err. From last half an hour it’s acting like some khatara rickshaw without petrol [rickshaw uses petrol as fuel, right ??] and during all these seconds I was considering one thing: What if it gets banned again [remember the blasphemous May Ban ?] and before my nerves would go off track, proxies rushed into my mind and I got bit settled 🙂

But apart from all this upheaval I just realized that Facebook Ban is like having no internet connection at all. I thought about searching something for my assignment [yes! I’m still a poor student 😦 ] and it came to me that net isn’t working [though it is]. Dah My bad! Thanks to the Tweetdeck which is letting us using our new beloved twitter with more of some software application feel than the typical Internet Website look.

Hahaha someone just tweeted the suggestion to “breathe deeply … straighten up the desk … walk around the building” to let the facebook-less feeling go away but nothing is working :/

Wait! Let me refresh it again. Hope it works (*Prayers*).

Nah 😦

So continuing it with the pros and cons of this social network: ummm many good things like being connected with all the oldies/newly found friends/relationships, passing time, never getting bored, getting all the ‘breaking news’ at the instant from your newsy friends, keeping up with all the newly discovered underground bands, all the music, events, food, retailers, summer sale announcements and what not 😮 I just realized it’s simply a heaven dude!

But the biggest trade-off of this Dear Blessing is ‘fading real life relationships’!  Yes! It happens and I’m suffering from this right now 😦 Was thinking to deactivate my facebook/twitter accounts (should I go for it ?? Suggestions please!), but when I can’t live with this one-hour blackout how am I gonna survive with the clean bold ahh why life becomes so painful sometimes.

Bingo! IT’S WORKING! yayyyyyyy 😀 So I’m leaving y’all here. And yeah please don’t be aliens, dear humans. Your tweets about #facebookDied are killing me now 😦

And if facebook isn’t still working at your side then please contact the local conspiracy theorists of your area, they’ll tell you about the e-mujahideen who have taken the revenge of Qom ky beti Afia ky conviction ka badla .. So keep on protesting for this single qom ky beti and let me be from the left-wing 😉

Have a great Jumma with JI, PTI protesting for the sister of Betullah Mehsud [send me some #FFs too ;)]!

P.S. Don’t blame me for any insanity please. Like you all I too am suffering from this facebook-less disease phew!