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The festivity and brutality of Bakra Eid in Pakistan


Published on The Alternative.

The only time, in Pakistan, we talk exclusively about animals and pretend to care about them (by ultimately killing and eating them) is Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-Adha (locally called Bakraa Eid) and also known as the Feast of Sacrifice, is a Muslim festival that marks the end of pilgrimage to Makkah, KSA, and commemorates Abraham’s faith by showing his willingness to sacrifice his own son Ishmael on the orders of God.

It is a three day long festival which starts with a morning sermon and prayers in the mosque, followed by sacrificing an animal, distributing its meat and then having a feast with family and friends. The meat of the animal is divided into three equal parts: the self, for relatives, neighbours and the poor. Sweet vermicelli, dates, rice desserts and other traditional sweet dishes are prepared as well.

The best part of Bakraa Eid that I used to like when I was a child, and I still see little children enjoying now, is getting new pets, feeding them and having fun with them till the day of Eid when eventually little hearts get broken by their murder. Read the rest of this entry

Does changing the script kill the language?


Note: Before I get attacked by the linguist-purists (if that’s a term), I am making it clear that I am NOT an expert on any language(s), nor this is any sort of an opinion post. I am most of the time an end user and sadly, I belong to the generation which feels sh*t to speak in its regional/native languages.

It was during a social media summit organized here in Pakistan when a debate on using regional languages for weblogs and epapers came in discussion. From the comments of not getting much viewership because the Google’s default English search to getting writers type in those languages was being discussed. I suggested how Romanized (representation of the spoken or written word using Latin script) versions of languages could have a better reach to younger readers and also easier to be typed into computers. The purists’ approach is to never play with the language script or it dies. Recently, this hard stand is being fought against though.

Do languages really die when their script changes? Read the rest of this entry

افغانستان و پاکستان کا مشترقہ بلاگ : پڑوسی کو سمجھنا

اپنے پڑوسیوں کو تو ہم نہیں بدل سکتے، مگر اپنے برتاؤ اور پڑوسیوں کے ساتھ اپنے ناتے کو ضرور بہتر کر سکتے ہیں. یہی مقصد ہے جرمن سیاسی فاؤنڈیشن فیڈرش-ایبرٹ-سٹیفنگ (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung) کے ٢ مرحلوں پہ مبنی اس پروجیکٹ کا جس کا نام “افغان-پاک صحافی تبادلہ پروگرام: پڑوسی کو سمجھو” ہے۔
اس فیلو شپ پروگرام میں افغانستان اور پاکستان کے تقریباً ٢٢ صحافی دو مرتبہ اکٹھا ہوئے: پہلی بار اسلام آباد میں اور پھر کابل میں.اسلام آباد کے علاقے بارہ گلی میں ہونے والی ملاقات کے بعد ڈیورنڈ لائن کے دونوں جانب کے نوجوان صحافیوں نے ایک بلاگ شروع کیا. اس بلاگ کے تعارفی حصے “پڑوسی کو سمجھو” میں لکھا ہے:

یہ بلاگ ہم سب کی ایک مشترقہ کوشش ہے جس سے ہم رابطے میں رہیں گے اور اپنے پڑوسی کو بہتر طور پر سمجھ سکیں گے. ایک ساتھ مل کر ہم آپس کی سارے شگافوں کو مٹائیں گے اور ان دیواروں کی مرمت کریں گے جو ہمیں ایک دوسرے سے دور رکھتی ہیں۔

af-pak journalists

Read the rest of this entry

Salman Taseer – NATION’s DEATH – Hope Dies!


Yesterday was my first day at workplace after finishing my graduation last month. I was all very excited until I read the horrible tweet about gunshots on Punjab Governor Salman Taseer[details]. Shocking as expected it was a news but more than that it was the end of hope for many youngsters like myself.

During the late office hours, news started coming about the killer accepting the crime in front of media bravely claiming that Salman Taseer deserved it because he(the governor) has been talking against the well-known Blasphemy Laws. Kudos!

But the day turned out to be even more torturing when few of my so-called EDUCATED, liberal friends started praising the murderer. wOw! Here we go, we are the MUSLIMS who are supposed to be the most tolerant humans on the face of Mother Earth. We are the PAKISTANIS, whose baba-e-quom said on 11th August, 1947:

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to ANY RELIGION or caste or creed that has NOTHING to do with the business of the State.”

We the chanters of Humanity, organizers of patriotic events, WE the same YOUNGSTERS are letting it happen and leading it to even worse situation and still we blame our elders who failed the state economy and supported Zia. Are we different from Zia ? YES! We’re even more violent, more devastating and unfortunately more spirited in our own senses.

The genes have sure passed along in a more educated, patriotic, liberal ways leading to even more blasphemous nation – Lets get some time machine and persuade Dear Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah to not worry about this nation and lead his life somewhere in Leeds without getting ill because of us, THE PAKISTANIS!

For me[including all the like-minded youngsters] Salman Taseer is not only a state loss, political stab and a thumbs down from JI like parties, it’s the END OF HOPE for us, end of everything good which we had ever dreamt of for this Not-So-Pure-Green-Land.

Governor Sahab’s last tweet before his murder was

“Mera azm itna bulund hae Parae sholon se dar nahin. Read the rest of this entry

Twenty Ten: End of a Decade, Start of Great Hopes! ♥


Twenty Ten: The best year of my life as yet – Decreased GPA(Yes! I lost 6 cumulative points dah :p) but hell lot of fun, experiences and new relationships –

From Meena Bazar[no match with the masti and business of that day], Uni Trip, Internship to Flood Cooperation, Medical Camp, Pizza Mania, Salad Attacks, Friend’s Wedding[ 😦 ], Highway Paratha[ 😀 ], Basketball Challenges, Ramadan Group Studies, Iftaris and all those wonderful farewells and movie scene[ 😉 ] –

BUT more than everything thanks to all those people who entered in my life in this year and made it even more wonderful :),  specially all the great twitteratis I met, got somehow attached,  and became friends – You’re MY LIFE guys 😀

Special wishes to all the FCMS 0610 pals who are just entering into a new and very important phase of their lives –

Loads of ♥ and prayers for all my loveliest[and angry :(] friends – Blessings be with you always – Hope this decade will be fantabulous for everyone :))




P.S. No sad|bad thing[regarding country and politics] allowed for the first day of a new decade – Keep your hopes high folks and I LOVE YOU PAKISTAN AND PAKISTANIS

With Love from Isolistan:

Shaikh Rafia

Working Women: Enlightenment OR Necessity


Last week while travelling back to Hyderabad from Karachi on Daewoo Express bus I got a seat with bus hostess[lets’ suppose her name Shazia]- She was friendly, caring and had a very good personality. After serving all passengers water, headphones and magazines, she got few moments to relax and started asking me about my education, future plans and then wished me a good luck.

Out of courtesy[I was way too sleepy and she was too disturbing at that time, bleh] I too asked about her job, responses she gets and the bus environment. My first question came out bit hurting [that I realized later], when I asked ‘aapki job Read the rest of this entry

Am I afraid of Monday Blues OR Human Slues


Sitting in library, writing this blog I’m trying to completely concentrate on munching cheesy Lays with eh weird Sprite 3G while ignoring the fact that yes! Mondays have to be this way: creepy, sleepy, void, drunk, stupid, making us cheesed off!

The reason I’m so pessimist about poor Mondays is that they have always been so cruel with me at least – Today after experiencing the typical Pakistani behavior I’m again here to think and re-think about the compromises I have to make through out my life if I decide[which is already decided] to live in my dear, pure, green land of sweet, unpunctual, careless people who never make up to their commitments – That’s what I have experienced in all those years. I don’t know if the people outta Pakistan are same, better or even worse but I feel like they would be better at least at time management – whatsoever but this carelessness and sheer level of vacillation leads to frustration finally leading to reduced energies and lack of interest in the tasks which need much care and concentration – err everything looks so blurred – I kept on fighting with myself that may be these are few of human characteristics but seriously I can’t live with it – Why can’t people just stop their hullaballoo and start doing some real work – Instead of talking, actions should be shown – Dah someone just dedicated me this song, may be trying to help me getting some sleep in library LOL!

Oh and they say Pak vs RSA cricket match is on, I thought that’d help me in forgetting the People-Mania a bit but heck Mr. Keeper Zulfi Bhai has gone missing to Nowhere-Land. Peeps do my ears work fine ?? ^ [I wonder that] –

So lemme just be happy with my lappy, chocolates, coffee and drinks while forgetting completely about humans and cricket phew –

P.S. I don’t feel like to proofread so please try to compromise 🙂 & by the way Aisaam Rocks ;))