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Am I afraid of Monday Blues OR Human Slues


Sitting in library, writing this blog I’m trying to completely concentrate on munching cheesy Lays with eh weird Sprite 3G while ignoring the fact that yes! Mondays have to be this way: creepy, sleepy, void, drunk, stupid, making us cheesed off!

The reason I’m so pessimist about poor Mondays is that they have always been so cruel with me at least – Today after experiencing the typical Pakistani behavior I’m again here to think and re-think about the compromises I have to make through out my life if I decide[which is already decided] to live in my dear, pure, green land of sweet, unpunctual, careless people who never make up to their commitments – That’s what I have experienced in all those years. I don’t know if the people outta Pakistan are same, better or even worse but I feel like they would be better at least at time management – whatsoever but this carelessness and sheer level of vacillation leads to frustration finally leading to reduced energies and lack of interest in the tasks which need much care and concentration – err everything looks so blurred – I kept on fighting with myself that may be these are few of human characteristics but seriously I can’t live with it – Why can’t people just stop their hullaballoo and start doing some real work – Instead of talking, actions should be shown – Dah someone just dedicated me this song, may be trying to help me getting some sleep in library LOL!

Oh and they say Pak vs RSA cricket match is on, I thought that’d help me in forgetting the People-Mania a bit but heck Mr. Keeper Zulfi Bhai has gone missing to Nowhere-Land. Peeps do my ears work fine ?? ^ [I wonder that] –

So lemme just be happy with my lappy, chocolates, coffee and drinks while forgetting completely about humans and cricket phew –

P.S. I don’t feel like to proofread so please try to compromise 🙂 & by the way Aisaam Rocks ;))