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Blog Action Day – October 16, 2013


Human Rights is the theme for this year’s Blog Action Day – one day for thousands of bloggers to write about one issue! It should be an interesting and informative day to learn about human rights issues and solutions / strategies being employed to solve those issues globally.

I am still confused about what am I gonna write – specific to Pakistan. But it’ll come, won’t it. Fingers crossed!


Summary of CFD stand, and endorsing organisations (via citizensfordemocracy)


Want to end the cruelty blasphemy laws have brought in this already effed up country ??
Join hands with Citizens For Democracy!

The initial meeting in Karachi convened by the Professional Organisations Mazdoor Federations & Hari Joint Committee (POJAC) led to forming Citizens for Democracy (CFD), an umbrella group bringing together individuals, professional organisations and trade unions and NGOs on the platform of working for change against the blasphemy laws. The following note sums up discussions at past meetings and endorsing organisations: 1. CFD members believe … Read More

via citizensfordemocracy

An Open letter to Sharmila Farooqui and Irresponsible Media (via Mystified Justice)


This happened when I was having an “isolated week” to get refreshed and bit calm by keeping myself away from all this media hullabaloo but methinks living in Pakistan is like living inside the media, creepy news, cockroach society[someone had termed it right :S].

All the details of this case are included in the blog post I’m cross-posting. Gang raping is just another news in Karachi city, but it affects many families to restrict and contain their girls for security reasons – Thanks to the government people like Honorable Ms. Sharmeela Farooqui who can only make the situation worse. May be because these people fear their kids joining the same rapers, girl-users class :S
The victim who is termed as ‘call girl’, ‘party dancer’ and what not, has taken her case back.

This is going to be like this if women won’t raise their voices. And Dear Ms. Farooqui you’re outta our gender. Verified!

An Open letter to Sharmila Farooqui and Irresponsible Media For those who are unaware, here is a little background on the case, from the Tribune: "Twenty-something K and her acquaintance S, in her mid-30s, were driving in a blue Suzuki Alto on Khayaban-e-Qasim in DHA when three to four men in a car rammed into them from the back. The small car dived into a ditch, the women were dragged from the car, abducted and K was gang raped while S was beaten. They were then dumped back at the spot. M, one of K’s fri … Read More

via Mystified Justice

Working Women: Enlightenment OR Necessity


Last week while travelling back to Hyderabad from Karachi on Daewoo Express bus I got a seat with bus hostess[lets’ suppose her name Shazia]- She was friendly, caring and had a very good personality. After serving all passengers water, headphones and magazines, she got few moments to relax and started asking me about my education, future plans and then wished me a good luck.

Out of courtesy[I was way too sleepy and she was too disturbing at that time, bleh] I too asked about her job, responses she gets and the bus environment. My first question came out bit hurting [that I realized later], when I asked ‘aapki job Read the rest of this entry

Pakistan Twitter Parliament – No Updates Here Anymore


From now on No Updates about Pakistan Twitter Parliament will be posted here ..

To keep yourself updated with the results, coalition decisions, PM & LoO[Leader of Opposition], Policies of elected members and so on kindly stay tuned with official PKTP Blog.


Best Regards!

Pakistan Twitter Parliament – Voting in full Swing


Dear Twitter has gone mad and aint allowing me tweet anymore err .. The poll link is here

BonBondude & AbidBeli in tight competition!

Kindly use your right to vote for the first ever PM of #PakistanTwitterParliament and yeah pray for the betterment of my twitter situation 😦